News and Stuff

Updated command structure and other news

17th October, 2018 (Y19 D324)

We have some changes to our command structure since our last update:

Vessel CO - Anton Baden
Delivery XO - Bram Dupol
C&E XO - Tem Sappo

As it stands, all departments are doing well under their respective leadership. CTS has also started expanding its existing cities, and plans to found new ones where necessary.




Update 2018

2nd May, 2018 (Y19 D155)

Greeting fellow pilots!

Here is a long overdue update on CTS.

We have recently done a restructuring of our departments. Personnel has more or less become the new Delivery, and Sha Thoon will continue as CO of that department. RM requests are now handled by the ressurected C&E, which also has expanded its services. There has also been some changes to command since our last update. Congratulations to all promotees!

Assistant Administrator - Han Cold
Vessel CO - Tem Sappo
C&E CO - Bara Fur
C&E XO - Matra Fepur

More updates will follow. Stay tuned!


Welcome Back

New Vessel XO

24th Oct, 2016

Time for an update to the CTS chain of command. Vessel XO Argon Windlaeufer has decided to step down due to the busy nature of working in Vessels. He will continue his duties as a pilot. Thank you Argon for keeping things in Vessels running smoothly and enjoy the simple life of a pilot.

Roga McBea will move from Personnel XO and return as Vessel XO. He will still be the mentor to new CTS pilots, however. Other changes include the closure of the Engineering department and XO vacancies in the Delivery and Personnel Departments. These positions will be filled if or when those Departments get busy enough to require an XO.

That is all!

And remember...

Take care and don't get lost out there! (We mean it!) - Roga


Bad PC

Restart and try again

9th Mar, 2016

Hello CTS fans! It seems we went quiet again on the news front, but we have an excuse! We partied a bit too much and Luuda spilled a bottle of The 3 on our CTS request computer system. Needless to say, the system did not like it and shut down.

Actually, I’m lying. Luuda didn’t do it, but either way, we have changed our address and are now in the process of reorganizing our command structure. Until we straighten it all out, the main pilots who can be reached easily are:

  • - CEO Luuda Kusaak
  • - Vessels CO Han Cold
  • - Vessels XO Argon Windlaeufer
  • - Mentor Pilot Roga McBea

The other parts of our chain of command are slowly coming back after our system went down. We hope to announce our new command structure in the next few months.

That is all!

And remember...

Take care and don't get lost out there! (We mean it!) - *Roga


It's not delivery! It's...?

19th Oct, 2013

After a few months of drinking and thinking at The 3 and during long, lonely trips in hyperspace, Delivery CO Xid Stargazer has picked his XO.

The pilot to help him out is Transport Commander Slyder Tryne. This hardworking pilot has about 2 years of piloting under his belt. Slyder's excellent work ethic should be an outstanding match with CO Xid Stargazer.

Slyder was actually picked as XO last month, but a certain CTS news pilot* got hyperspace fever and was unable to let the galaxy know until now. Next time the pilot will try to take his meds to prevent another occurrence.

Anyway, congratulations and good luck to our new Delivery XO, Slyder Tryne!

That is all!

And remember...

Take care and don't get lost out there! (We mean it!) - *Roga


Delivered in 30 mins…

19th July, 2013

Or the pizza is free! Err, I mean, we have a new Delivery CO!

After a month-long search for the next CO of Delivery, Transport Captain Xid Stargazer as been chosen as the new Delivery CO. Xid has been with CTS for a number of years and has worked hard to reach this position.

We all look forward to seeing his leadership abilities in Delivery.

I wanted to say something funny or silly here, but I can't really think of anything so I will just tell everyone to hit The 3 for Xid's promotion party! Have fun and congrats, Xid! Don't let us down!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more CTS news!

And remember...

Take care and don't get lost out there! (We mean it!) - Roga


One Up, One Down

1st July, 2013

Here is some more news about the CTS leadership.

The XO position at Personnel has been left vacant since the last announcement. Until now! Clarion Lancaster will be the new XO. He will be supporting current CO, Sha Thoon. So, please feel free to bombard him with all kinds of questions and requests to test his knowledge about moving people.

The down side is that Delivery CO, Mordred Argyll has stepped down from his CO position. He will still be around as a valued pilot, but not in a leadership position. Any current CTS pilot who is interested in this position, please get in touch with Luuda.

Until this position is filled, please message Con or Luuda if you need help making a delivery request.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more CTS news!And remember...

Take care and don't get lost out there! (We mean it!) - Roga


News! See? I wasn't lying!

15th May, 2013

Ever the workhorse, Luuda has agreed to re-establish the Engineering Department. The guinea pig willing to command this Department will be Porsh Doxus. He will be moving from his XO position at Delivery.

Little is known about what the Engineering Department will do. However, one insider who will remain annonymous, has stated that the department will be building things and stuff.

Also in the news, is the situation with the Personnel Department. It seems that CO Jorian Grayd has gotten lost in space and has lost contact with us. We have sent a search party to look for him, but have yet to find him. Personnel XO Sha Thoon will become CO of the Department. We hope for the best for Jorian.

I guess he didn't get the memo last month.

With all these changes, that leaves us looking for XOs for Personnel, Delivery, and Engineering. The lucky pilots that will fill these positions should be selected by their respective COs in the coming months. For now, please refer to the updated Command page.

Take care and don't get lost out there! (We mean it!) - Roga


Up! Up! Update?

19th Apr, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Too much drinking? Too much hyperspace?Yes! I mean, No!

We were...just...too busy doing our jobs! Yeah! That's it!

Anyway, we are back and the site is getting updated. First, our command structure has been updated as well as our pay scale on the ranks page! Those of you who are CTS fanatics, you can now be sure that the person that this website tells you to contact, is really the person you need to contact! Amazing!

In all seriousness (I mean, really!), expect some more periodic news and stuff to be posted here in the (near) future!

Take care and don't get lost out there! - Roga, Vessel XO




6th Jan, 2011

With a new Year finally under our wings, we've found the galaxy has twisted and turned most of us inside out. Some of us are off chasing the Diathim of Legos and others have followed the call to ride the waves of the old trade routes. Yep, some of our people buggered off and left us ... So - that being said we've done a bit of a management shuffle.. I used some double sided tape and viola! We have a whole set of new XO's. Oh, they are so much more than the hugs and kisses of the Departments, peoples! These men, and Duros will be who we blame if things go a little bit wonky ~crinkles nose up, grins~. Oh cheer up, Fellows... you get more 'The Three' this way.. :P

CO - Allanna Stannis
XO- Nathan Eisenhorn

CO- Logan Darkstrider
XO- Sethar Harkonen

CO- Bara Ivola
XO- Luuda Kusaak

Congrats to our awarded from last month: Shanon Midnight, for being our very own Art Monkey (as opposed to 'monkey boy' - secret codename for someone else :P )

Be good, fly hard.. and don't drop your cargo, or I'll take away the free bar tab!

Take care of you! ~`Lis


SotR - November CTS Awards

8th Nov, 2010

Leadership Award - Endaro Kassan (For continued dedication to CTS when things looked bleak, for his remarkable adaptability to change and for knowing what buttons to press to make a ship move :P )

Logistics Chief Award - Harp Boroni (Because CTS never quite got the opportunity to lather this Sentient with the respect and adulation he deserved. Thank you Harp for your years of service) Allanna Stannis and Bara Ivola (For their continued hard work, exemplary work ethics and the sheer volume of liquor consumed!)

Outstanding Excellence award - Danny Lazerman, Clarion Lancaster, Garbon Raigoza, Han Cold, Inara El Satori, Glumchee Gramorgg and Luuda Kusaak (For faction hopping for the betterment of all NR NATs - you're all bloody legends!)

Executive's Citation - Logma Cemes (initiative and good work), Adotiln Prophenter "Prophet" (Up and coming new recruit)

Selfless Service and Sacrifice Award - Evan Traner (For giving up time, property, sanity, credits and knowledge to keep CTS floating, growing and drunk! )

Executive Citation for Tak Solman for his Efforts in the Academy regarding CTS and as a Mentor & Padme Sca... Sarc... Traner. For being a CTS Mentor >.>

So very proud of you, CTS. Take care of you! ~`Lis


CoC - another way to spell 'Chain of Command'

1st Nov, 2010

There's a lot of huff and gawh about Chains of Command within civilian service and I don't mind telling you that most of it is a pain. It's not meant to stress anyone out and it's certainly not meant to inhibit your creative instincts for flying your assigned ship! What I'll do is break it down sweet and simple and you can take it as you please.

By now, we're hoping you all have an intimate connection with your ship (though in one wild instance this was taken to far - Rekka you sick mother tucker!) - not too intimate, just... well, you should know the damn idiosyncrasies of your Baby. Whether she flutters pulling out of Hyperspace or shy's left when manual landing (nb: If things are falling off your baby it's time for a maintenance check. Come see Endaro or myself immediately to sign up for the new academy class 'Piloting 102 - how not to destroy your ship'). The point being, leadership is kind of like that.. knowing the little nuances of those you lead, helping them compensate when their harmless quirks threaten to get in the way and teaching them modifications so they can handle a bigger load. Makes sense, no?

Right, so. Chains of command aren't meant to be scary at all. And it doesn't mean that you now have your bosses bosses bosses boss on your back, as well as all the 'in between'. The only 'boss' you have to worry about is your immediate supervisor and that is it, simply. Sure, you can show a little respect to the other Sentients.. but we're family here so if you kiss our arses we'll know you lost your cargo and are about to split with the CTS vessel >.>

That being said, if for some reason you can't contact your Supervisor.. you go one step up. Go have a drink with the bosses boss and tell him/her/it your complaints. I'm not saying we're totally unable to step outside of the immediate supervisor.. just saying, it's your first port of call.

So, just in case anyone lost a few too many brain cells in the recent celebrations - here's a quick overview of who's in charge of what.
Personnel - Cederic Dawnstar. The dude has a beard and pirate hat. 'nuff said.
Vessel - Nathan Eisenhorn. Wears a helmet. Suspiciously >.>
Deliveries - Logan Darkstrider. Another helmet wearer. Very suspicious.

So they are the immediate super's! From there, things get scary...
Personnel - Bara Ivola (personnel have a penchant for beards)
Vessel - Allanna Stannis (No helmet, thank the force)
Deliveries - Kaarn Mumbar (if you can get him to reply to anything it'll be a miracle! And I want to know about it!)

Righteo. So that's the department Big wigs. You can annoy them at will. Sir End and I decree it... :P

Sir End bullies the Department Heads and I get to bully End. And if you're wondering, every Blessed Sentient and his monkey is my boss! And there is no end to the torture!!!!! (But Azzi is my direct - AC.. and pretty much everyone in CTS - feel free to tell me what you want, what isn't working.. etc etc ).

As a last comment - I did not waffle on about this to make you think that certain people are not approachable. Not at all. In fact.. we'd all fall apart if you took it that way. This is just for the business side of things. But honestly, End and I are always here if there are things you want to discuss.

Take care of you! ~`Lis


A sad farewell

10th Oct, 2010

Today we farewell a long time fellow and CTS'er, Harp Boroni. Harp was with CTS for years, working his way up the ranks to become the best darn Personnel Department leader CTS had seen. Harp was a born organiser - he kept a tight ship (damn did he work those power couplings) and ran Personnel with incredible efficiency born of experience and love for the job.

So it was time for a change and Harp has found himself drawn to Industrial Automation where if Flich doesn't take care of him we'll take turns at hunting him down (no torture though, I hear Flich likes that kind of thing!).

We all wish Harp a smooth transition, a renewed joy for his job and all the drinks he can stomach! You're family will never forget you, Harp.. and you will always always be welcome back, even if only for a drink ;)

Take care of you... ~`Lis


Kicking out the Kitty

31st Sept, 2010

So he came, he saw, he almost drank us dry and it's time to move on XD. CTS would like to thanks Evan Traner (a Kit Lorcan by any other name) for beating us into submission, terrorising us with his sithly skills and darkness wise, rearranging 'stuff' for 'Lis to then mess up as soon as she can >.>. Actually, Kit slid into the hot seat in order to usher a little stability into CTS when there wasn't much to be had. His well known presence also a reason to stock up on more booze :P

Kitty, CTS owes you continually for your help. Your knowledge is priceless and we appreciate your continual support. A big thank you to Spec Ops for letting us borrow you for as long as we did. We were lucky, and we know it! I promise I will take care of CTS, and if I don't, I'll expect you to come kick my butt.

Take care of you... ~`Lis


New Leadership

23rd Sept, 2010

'Well, I always try to be open about why and how we make decisions, especially in this case where the faction involved is CTS, my first home and where my roots are. As some of you might know I started the game in this faction back in the year 2007 when we didn't even have The 3, and I stayed close since then. I'll actually bap whoever dares to say they are more CTS than me, I still have the record of drunk flying and I even married a CTSer :p

Anyways a few weeks ago not long after Nar decided to move on and leave CTS, Van also told me that he was thinking about retiring, so we started looking for a succesor. The first idea was bringing Bara Fur back from the Rebel Alliance, as he has experience in leading and he's an old CTSer, but not soon after we received news that Bara was also retiring from leadership so we needed to change plans.

We discussed the situation with Van and we defined that the options were Azzi, Harp or bringing someone from elsewhere. At that point it looked more logical to have Harp move to the RA as leader and having Azzi Blackgate, back to lead CTS. Van and I have known Azzi for years, we trust him like a brother and he's led the faction in the past, but sadly he declined the offer as he's busy in real life and didn't want to commit to it. Slacker >.> and well, a smaller faction like RA would have been a good testing ground for Harp, as we thought he is pretty active in darkness/forums/IRC, but haven't had any experience at leading a faction or even as 2ic.

Anyways, and I cross my fingers because I'd hate changing plans once more, soon Evan Traner will be taking over the faction with the company of Natalis Oro. Evan, also known as Kit Lorcan, has led this faction many times and knows it better than anyone else, he's trained many generations of CTSers including myself, reason why he's my escapegoat for all my flaws. The idea is have them train you Endaro, Bara Ivola, Allanna, Logma and everybody... to lead the faction or even take other positions like Nar or JC did, in the short term. Kit can't stay put for long, I know that from experience, so learn from him as much as you can while you can. In the meantime until Evan is appointed, Jay Ceveri is around as interim leader in case you need anything from him, and if you guys need anything else, you can always poke me in IRC or message me. You also have many ex-CTSers you can always have some advice from, like Nar, Lani, Biffis or Padme. I'm glad to say we are still a tight family. :)

To end this post and as a wise guy once said, the leader is only as good as the people under him. I know you guys are good, and right now CTS needs you to stick together and act like a team.'

- Minister of State, Taka Aioko