Corellian Transport Services became a reality through the visions of two beings.


- an experienced Bothan pilot, trader and administrator

Sterik Hasger

- a Corellian, former transportation owner and leader, as well as a security expert.

Both realised that there was a need for a new transportation group in the galaxy, and started gathering the resources and personnel together to make their dream into a reality. They realised that there would be a long hard road ahead of them, but they were not deterred...they had faced hardships worse than this in their past.

Both had drifted through the galaxy since the last time they had worked together, where Sterik had been the owner and leader of a transportation company, and Nemesi had come to work for him. It was not long before they became close friends, each willing to risk it all for the other. Since that time they had both worked in various places, not finding what they wanted. Transportation was where they wanted to be...and now, they are back with what promises to be a leading force in the field of transportation, whatever the type.

Out of the ashes of a long dead past rises the latest incarnation of transportation. Ahead of its time, Corellian Transport Services promises to be the best transportation company in the galaxy, its competent leadership, dedicated personnel, and exquisitely presented ships and vehicles make this transportation company something to be reckoned with.

Based out of the Corellian Sector, Corellian Transport Services are perfectly positioned in the galaxy.