So we're pretty awesome and you want to join us. No worries. We get that all the time.

Here's what you do!

- Log into Darkness here.
- Under the Members Menu (right hand side) Click on the 'Faction' link under 'Manage'.
- On the next page click on 'Join Faction'.
- On the page that follows choose Corellian Transport Services from the drop-down list.
- Enter a message in the area provided if you wish, and then click submit.

Once you've been accepted, register on the Rebel Alliance message board here and wait patiently for your Mentor to get in touch with you.

If you can't wait? Message Aeron Llywelyn Rees or Roga McBea. If for some reason they ask you why you are pestering them, just tell them the webpage told you to - and remember, they are probably suffering from hangovers so go easy.

Bored and want to spread the word about how great being a CTS pilot is? No!? Stop lying! Of course you do! Please help spread the word by showing your friends these awesome posters!